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Lowrance LMSC. 2 оценок товара.  Об этом товаре. Description. Find fish effortlessly with the Lowrance LMSC GPS receiver. Pub. supremeporevo1.ru LMSC & LMSC DF Fish-finding Sonar & Mapping GPS Installation and Operation Instructions. Изделие Lowrance LMSC, а также другие, которыми Вы пользуетесь ежедневно, наверняка вы получили в комплекте с инструкцией обслуживания.

Set Man Overboard mob Waypoint Navigate Back To Mob Waypoint Creating And Saving A Trail Displaying A Saved Trail Navigate A Trail forward Advanced Gps Operations Create Icon On Map Create Icon At Current Position Delete An Icon Navigate To An Icon Create And Save A Route Routes Created In The Unit Delete A Route Edit A Route Name Edit Route Waypoints Navigate A Route Navigate A Route In Reverse The whole process repeats itself several times each second. Your unit can record a log of the sonar signals that scroll across the screen and save them to the MMC memory card.

Инструкции для Lowrance lms-332c

These recordings are also called sonar charts or sonar graphs. You can replay this sonar log in the unit using the Sonar Simulator function, or play it back on a per- sonal computer using our free Sonar Viewer. The viewer is available for download from the Lowrance web site, www. The size of your sonar recordings is only limited by the free space available on your MMC. First, think of your unit as a small but powerful computer. It includes a keypad and a screen with menus so you can tell it what to do. The screen also lets the unit show your location on a moving map, as well as point the way to your desti- nation. But instead of your favorite dance tunes, this receiver tunes in to a couple of dozen GPS satellites circling the earth. Once the unit figures its latitude and lon- gitude, it plots that position on the moving map shown on the screen. The whole process takes place several times a second! Stored in the permanent memory of each unit is a basic background map of the entire world. This lets you look back the way you came. Think of this data storage like the hard drive memory in a computer or a tape in a cassette tape recorder. Your unit has one more thing in common with a personal computer.

Руководство по эксплуатации Lowrance electronic LMS-332C

These solid-state memory devices are about the size of a postage stamp, but can hold data ranging from 8 MB to 1 GB. The MMC is also used to record sonar logs. These MapCreate custom maps contain much greater de- tail than the basic background map. To use a custom map, all you need to do is slide an MMC containing a map into the unit. Or you might want to see how our text formatting makes the manual tutorials easy to skim. It was designed as a hour-a-day, days-a-year, all weather global navigation system for the armed forces of the U. Civilian use was also avail- able at first, but it was less accurate because the military scrambled the signal somewhat, using a process called Selective Availability SA.

lms 332c lowrance

GPS proved so useful for civilian navigation that the federal govern- ment discontinued SA on May 2, , after the military developed other methods to deny GPS service to enemy forces. Reliable accuracy for civilian users jumped from meters feet under SA to the present level of 10 to 20 meters about 30 to 60 feet. Twenty-four satellites orbit 10, nautical miles above the Earth, passing overhead twice daily. A series of ground stations with precisely surveyed locations controls the satellites and monitors their exact loca- tions in the sky. Each satellite broadcasts a low-power signal that identi- Page: Three of these satellites are spares, unused until needed. The rest virtually guarantee that at least four satellites are in view nearly anywhere on Earth at all times. A minimum of three satellites are required to determine a 2D fix. The system requires signal reception from three satellites in order to determine a position. This is called a 2D fix. It takes four satellites to determine both position and elevation your height above sea level — also called altitude. This is called a 3D fix. Remember, the unit must have a clear view of the satellites in order to receive their signals. Unlike radio or television signals, GPS works at very high frequencies. These signals can be easily blocked by trees, buildings, an automobile roof, even your body. It relies solely on the signals from the sat- ellites to calculate a position. Speed, direction of travel, and distance are all calculated from position information. Therefore, in order it to determine direction of travel, you must be moving and the faster, the better.

lms 332c lowrance

There will simply be more "wandering" of the data shown on the display. GPS alone is plenty accurate for route navigation, but the U. The FAA commissioned the system on July 11, It does this by broadcasting correction signals on GPS frequencies. However, there are some fringe areas of the U. The satellites are in a fixed orbit around the Equator, so they appear very low in the sky to someone on the ground in North America. Aircraft and vessels on open water can get consis- tently good WAAS reception, but terrain, foliage or even large man-made structures can sometimes block the WAAS signal from ground receivers. Remember, however, that this receiver is only a tool. Always have another method of navigation avail- able, such as a map or chart and a compass.

lms 332c lowrance

Also remember that this unit will always show navigation information in the shortest line from your present position to a waypoint, regardless of terrain! How to use this manual: The keypad and arrow "keystrokes" appear as boldface type. The fol- lowing paragraphs explain how to interpret the text formatting for those commands and other instructions: Arrow Keys The arrow keys control the movement of dotted cross-hair lines on your mapping screen called the cursor. The arrow keys also control a hori- zontal line depth cursor on the sonar screen. The arrow keys help you move around the menus so you can execute different commands. They are represented by symbols like these, which denote the down arrow key, the up arrow, the left arrow and the right arrow: When the text refers to a key to press, the key is shown in bold, sans serif type. Menu Commands A menu command or a menu option will appear in small capital letters, in a bold sans serif type like this: These indicate that you are to select this command or option from a menu or take an action of some kind with the menu item. Text that you may need to enter or file names you need to select are show in italic type, such as trail name. For example, instructions for navigating a trail would look like this: You are asked to wait while it converts the trail into a route. The wait message disappears and the unit begins showing navigation information along the trail.. Translated into complete English, step 1 above would mean: Press the Menu key twice. Next, repeatedly press or press and hold the down arrow key to scroll down the menu and select highlight the My Trails menu command. Finally, press the Enter key. Next, press the right arrow key and then the down arrow key to highlight the Navigate command, then press Enter. You should read over this entire installation section before drill- ing any holes in your vehicle or vessel! This will help you make sure you have enough cable length for the desired configuration. Determine the approximate location for the transducer and its cable route. Determine the approximate location for the GPS antenna module and its cable route.

lms 332c lowrance

Determine the location of your battery or other power connection, along with the power cable route. These instructions cover both single- and dual-frequency Skimmer transducers. Please read all instructions before proceeding with any installation. The smaller single-frequency Skimmers typically use a one-piece, stainless steel mounting bracket. The larger dual-frequency Skimmers typically use a two-piece, plastic mounting bracket. The trolling motor mount uses a one-piece plastic bracket with an adjustable strap. These are all "kick-up" mounting brackets. They help prevent damage if the transducer strikes an object while the boat is moving.

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  • If the trans- ducer does "kick-up," the bracket can easily be pushed back into place without tools. Determine which of the mounting positions is right for your boat. Re- member, the transducer installation is the most critical part of a sonar installation.

    lms 332c lowrance

    The following installation types also call for these recommended tools and required supplies that you must provide supplies listed here are not included: Single-frequency transom installations Tools include: Dual-frequency transom installations Tools: Single-frequency trolling motor installations Tools: It does this by broadcasting correction signals on GPS frequencies. However, there are some fringe areas of the U. Continued WAAS development is planned. Keyboard The other keys perform a variety of functions. When the text refers to a key to press, the key is shown in bold, sans serif type. Menu Commands A menu command or a menu option will appear in small capital letters, in a bold sans serif type like this: These indicate that you are to select this command or option from a menu or take an action of some kind with the menu item. Для Вашего удобства Если просмотр руководства Lowrance electronic LMSC непосредственно на этой странице для Вас неудобен, Вы можете воспользоваться двумя возможными решениями: Полноэкранный просмотр -, Чтобы удобно просматривать инструкцию без скачивания на компьютер Вы можете использовать режим полноэкранного просмотра. Navigate to a Point of Interest. Creating and Saving a Trail. Displaying a Saved Trail. Navigate a Trail forward. Navigate a Back Trail backtrack, or reverse. Find Distance From Point to Point. Create Icon on Map. Create Icon at Current Position. Navigate to an Icon. Create and Save a Route. Lowrance Complete Trolling Motors. With transom-mount kHz Skimmer transducer, this fish finder provides a wide coverage of up to 60 degrees showing even the minute facts under water. The feet depth penetration capability of this GPS device helps detect fish deep inside the water. Great unit I use this unit for to purposses. Вопросы и ответы Задать вопрос покупателям и продавцам об этом товаре Задать вопрос.

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    Жесткий в комлевой зоне SABOTAGE имеет очень информативную, подвижную вершину, что делает его незаменимым при анимационных стилях проводки таких как, джиг, ловля с отводным поводком, и воблерами.

    Быстрый строй в сочетании с высочайшей чувствительностью и дальностью заброса, разнообразие длин и тестов создает уникальную возможность подобрать удилище для СЕБЯ

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